Motor Pumps DC Motor Pump

Hydraulic products can provide a silent operating condition while displaying high-powered functions. Constructed with high-precision and high-powered internal gear pumps and motors, Choar-Ger’s compact serial pump products feature high output power, low-noise, less vibration and long service life. Additionally, the built-in temperature protection device provides high operating safety for the operator. Choar-Ger’s serial pump products will satisfy all applications of compact hydraulic units with high product credibility and meet customers’ cost-effective needs.

Voltages applicable to this product are DC24V, Max Operating Pressure 70kg/cm²

For more details about the appearance and sizes of hydraulic pumps, please refer to the attached chart.


DC Motor Pump Specifications

Max Operating Pressure70 kgf/cm² (7MPa)70 kgf/cm² (7MPa)
Discharge L/min0.7 L/min0.5 L/min
Damarg Voltage V/mA2mA, 1 min 1.5kV
Leak Current500V, 1 min ≥ 60 MΩ
Temp. Protect90°C
Rating time5 min
Threaded connectionPT 1/8"PT 1/8" ; M8 × 1
Weight5.5 kg2.8 kg
Tank Capacity-0.7 L1.0 L1.3 L
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