Solenoid Valves P Series

Multi-Functional Compact Solenoid Valve

These Solenoid Valves are best suited for a single-acting cylinder with leak "0" body construction.

A check valve, a throttle valve and a relief valve are incorporated in the manifold body, and it easily constitutes the lift valve circuit.

P Series - Relieve valve

W-1( For Water or Air )
MaterialBrassBrassBrassAluminumStainless Steel
Max Operating Pressure70 kgf/cm² (7MPa)70 kgf/cm² (7MPa)70 kgf/cm² (7MPa)70 kgf/cm² (7MPa)15 kgf/cm² (1.5MPa)
Threaded connectionPT 1/8"PT 1/8"PT 1/8"PT 1/8"PT 1/8"
VoltageAC24V / AC115V / AC230V / DC12V / DC24V
Rating time10 min10 min10 min10 min10 min
Weight0.21 kg0.25 kg0.25 kg0.30 kg0.15 kg
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